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Soy wax is a natural, eco-friendly option for making your wax melts. It burns clean and has a strong hot throw, making it the perfect choice for melt-making.

For soy wax melts we recommend using Soy C3 and KY Parasoy. While for soy pillar candles we recommend Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax. Finally for container candles and tealights we love using GB464 and Soy C3. We love them and they scored the highest in our survey of 80+ candle makers.

This article will provide a list of items you must consider before purchasing soy wax. We will also offer soy wax recommendations that work perfectly for wax melts, pillar, and container candles.

Soy Wax Criteria

Melting Point

When choosing your soy wax, it is essential to consider the product’s melting point. This will determine your pouring and fragrance temperatures allowing you to gain the optimal production method for your candles.

The melting point is also essential, as with candles like pillars; you want to aim for a harder wax with a higher melting point. This ensures that it maintains its structure when exposed to external temperatures and the heat from the flame.


The viscosity quickly soy wax is critical in choosing the right wax for soy candles. The higher the viscosity, the harder the wax and the more resistant it will be to melting. This means your pillar candles won’t melt easily in warm climates or during warm summer months.

The viscosity is also important to consider when making wax melts, as softer waxes will release fragrance quicker but dissipate faster. At the same time, harder waxes will melt slower and release fragrance slower.

When making sculpture candles, the viscosity will play a vital role in your finished product. Free-standing candles must be made from harder soy waxes to maintain their shape. Choosing a harder “pillar wax” will also allow you to release your wax pillars and sculptures from your moulds more easily. This is due to them being designed to shrink slightly during the cooling process.

Fragrance Load

The fragrance load of your wax is essential in choosing the right soy wax. The higher the fragrance load, the more scent your pillar candles will have. Again, double-check the label when selecting your soy wax; some soy waxes are better suited for fragrance load than others.

Fragrance load is identified on the packaging as a percentage. This will guide you on how much total scent you can add to the wax without impacting its cured form’s structural integrity. If you want to produce an intense fragrance or use a subtle scent, shoot for a higher scent load to bring your candle to life.

Certain fragrances may not require a high fragrance load as they are powerful in small doses. With citrus aromas, you will find a little goes a long way. Carry out testing on the perfect level of scent for your fragrance mixes. If you need a higher fragrance load to bring that signature scent to life – opt for the higher load and vice versa to open your world to an increased number of great soy waxes.

Colour & Decorative Elements

Finally, you’ll also want to consider the colour and decorative elements of your soy candles. Soy wax has a creamy, white colour that can be coloured with dyes or even decorated with candle-safe features.

If you want to keep your candle in its natural colour, you will want to consider the virgin colour of the wax. Soy waxes range from white to cream, so you will want to consider your target audience or design for your end product.

Best Soy Wax – Wax Melts & Tarts

Soy wax melts, tarts, and cubes are made purely from wax and fragrance oil. These are melted in wax warmers to release your chosen fragrance. Wax melts are moulded to produce intricate, beautiful designs to wow your target audience or friends.

The best part of soy wax melts is that you don’t even need a wick – they are made from wax and fragrance oil! They are an excellent choice for candlemakers because they have a strong hot throw, meaning they emit a lot of fragrance. Soy wax is a perfect option for making wax melts because it is natural, eco-friendly, and burns clean.

Whether making wax melts for your use or to sell, choosing the right soy wax is essential for a successful melt-making experience. We have listed our top picks below based on our surveys and testing:

Soy C3 – This soy wax is the perfect choice for making wax melts and tarts. It has a high viscosity, meaning your melts won’t melt too quickly in warm climates or during hot summer months. It has a high fragrance load, meaning your wax melts will have a strong scent throw.

KY Parasoy – This paraffin-soy wax is ideal for making tarts and melts. It has a medium melting point, so you won’t need to heat it too high to achieve a good scent throw. Plus, it has a creamy white colour making it the perfect choice for adding some decorative elements to your melts.

Best Soy Wax – Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are a great way to bring life to your living space, as they are free-standing and can be created in many different shapes and sizes. As they are free-standing, these wax types must be hard and resistant to melting from ambient temperatures.

Whether making pillar candles for your use or selling them, choosing the right soy wax is essential for a successful candle-making experience. We have listed our top picks below based on our surveys and testing:

Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax – is an all-natural, eco-friendly soy wax perfect for making pillar candles. It provides a fantastic colour finish, and you will never have any problems releasing this pillar wax from your moulds.

Best Soy Wax – Containers & Tealights

Container candles are the perfect gift for loved ones and provide a long burn time with their high wax capacity. These pair perfectly with tealights that are staples in any candlemaker’s skills. These little guys pack a punch and are essential around the house for wax melters and to add ambiance for shorter periods.

Whether making container candles for your use or to sell, choosing the right soy wax is essential for a successful candle-making experience. We have listed our top picks below based on our surveys and testing:

GB 464 – This all-natural, eco-friendly soy wax is perfect for making your container candles. It has a medium melting point and allows you to add plenty of fragrance to your candles, providing one of the best scent throws of soy waxes.

IGI 6006 – This soy wax is also the perfect choice for making tealights and containers. It has a high viscosity, meaning your tealights won’t melt too quickly in warm climates or during hot summer months. Plus, it has a high fragrance load, meaning your candles will have a strong scent throw.

Further Details – Survey Results

In the tables below, you will find the details of each of the waxes we love above. We have also included our survey results, where others have recommended these products from a survey of over 80 candle makers.

RankCandle WaxType of WaxNumber of UsersUse
1GB 464Soy11Container, Tea Light
2IGI 6006 Parasoy5Container, Tea Light
2Soy C3Soy5Container, Tea Light, Wax Melts, Votives
3Clarus 3022Parasoy4Container, Tea Light
4Millennium Soy WaxSoy3Container, Tea Light
5GB 444Soy2Container, Tea Light
5IGI 6006Parasoy1Container, Tea Light
5KY ParasoyParasoy1Votive, Wax Melts
Candle WaxMelting PointColour TemperatureFragrance TemperaturePouring Temperature
GB 464113 – 119185185130 – 140
IGI 6006 133185185165 – 175
Soy C3124 – 130185185140 – 150
Clarus 3022125 -140185185165 – 175
Millennium Soy Wax130160160115
GB 444119 – 125185185135
KY Parasoy132160 -175160 -175150 – 160

Final Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with soy wax when making container candles, and wax melts. It’s natural, eco-friendly, and burns cleanly. Plus, it has a strong hot throw that will fill the room with your favourite scent. So if you’re looking for the perfect wax to use, consider the criteria, we have listed above or try some of our recommended waxes.

So go ahead and start creating your wax melts today – you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Crafting!

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