What You Need to Know Before Making a Candle With Wax Melts

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There are many ways to make candles, but can you make candles by using wax melts and cubes?

You can use old or new wax melts to make candles. This is done by melting the melts or cubes with a double boiler and adding fragrance oil. The melted wax is then poured into moulds and containers to cure.

This article will show you how to make candles with wax melts and cubes to produce beautifully scented candles in your home.

What you need to know before making a candle with wax melts

Before you start to make candles with wax cubes and melts, it is essential to consider the following:

  • You must ensure that your work area is clean and tidy. This is important because you will be working with hot wax and don’t want any accidents.
  • Next, you need to consider the age and whether the wax cubes and melts have already been used. If the wax is new, it will be easier to work with. However, if the wax is old, it may require additional fragrance, as the scent may have dissipated during the burning process. The more the cubes and melts have been used, the less the hot and cold throw of your final product.

  • You also need to consider the size of the mould or container you will use. The larger the mould, the more wax you will need. You can use one large cube or melt or multiple smaller ones to fill your containers. If you use multiple small melts, aim to use melts with the same or complementary wax types.
  • Finally, you need to decide on the scent of your candle. If the wax melts or cubes are already fragranced, you will want to use a complementary fragrance or the same fragrance used in the original melts. If you don’t do this, you may produce an unpleasant fragrance.

You can check out our article that covers which fragrances you should never mix to avoid conflicting scents. You can also check out our wax mixing guide, which identifies complimentary wax types.

Now that you have considered all of these factors, you are ready to start making your own candles!

Using wax melts for candles: Is it the best solution?

Remelting wax melts to make candles is not the optimal method to make the best burning candles. Using virgin wax pellets from soy wax, beeswax, or other wax types is best. However, suppose you are looking for a quick solution or don’t have any pellets on hand. In that case, wax melts provide a solution while reducing waste by reusing existing materials around your home.

When remelting wax melts, it can lose its scent or become less potent. You may have to use more wax melts than the recipe calls for to get the same scent throw as if you were using virgin pellets.

You also don’t know what is in the wax melts and cubes you are remelting. These waxes may have additives that do not provide a consistent making process or a quality finished product.

If you want to make the best candles possible, we recommend checking out our wax guides which identify wax pellets that you can buy in bulk to create consistent, high-quality finished candles. You can choose from Soy, Paraffin, Beeswax, Coconut, Rapeseed, and Palm wax.

What do you need to make candles from wax melts and cubes?

To make candles from wax melts and cubes, you will need the following supplies:

  • Wax melts or cubes (used or unused).
  • Wicks
  • Wick dots.
  • Wick stabilizers or two pencils per candle.
  • Thermometer.
  • A double boiler.
  • Fragrance oil (optional).
  • Moulds or containers.

How to make candles with wax melts and cubes

Follow these simple steps to make your own candles with wax melts and cubes:

1. Start by cleaning your work area and gathering your supplies.

2. Place your containers and mould on your clean workspace and place your wicks into the centre of the moulds and containers.

3. Use wick dots and stabilizers to stop your wicks from falling over in the moulds and containers.

4. Next, melt down the wax melt(s) or cube(s) in the double boiler.

5. To melt the wax, add water to the bottom compartment of the double boiler or the bottom part of your bowl and pot. This will boil the water causing heat to rise and melt the wax in the top compartment.

6. Use a thermometer to measure your wax temperature.

7. Once the wax reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit, remove your wax from the heat and add your fragrance or essential oil. Temperatures vary based on your wax type and oils, so we encourage you to check our temperature guide.

8. Ensure that you stir your wax to ensure that the scent is distributed evenly throughout the wax.

9. Pour your wax at 175 degrees Fahrenheit into your moulds and containers. Again, check out our temperature reference guide, as pouring temperatures differ depending on your wax type.

10. Allow your wax to cool and cure for 24 hours.

11. Trim your wick to 1/4 of an inch above the wax surface.

12. Light and enjoy your new wax melt candle.

What kind of containers and moulds can be used?

When it comes to containers and moulds, the sky is the limit. We recommend using glass heat-resistant jars and tins. If you are using a mould, make sure it is heat resistant.

We encourage you to read our candle mould guide, which provides everything you need to know about containers and moulds and how to get your candle out of the mould once it is cured quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are wax melts the same as candle wax?

Fundamentally candles and melts are produced with wax. However, waxes are specifically designed for the finished product. Some waxes are designed for melts and tarts by adding additives and combining different waxes, such as soy and paraffin.

Waxes designed for melts aim to release a strong fragrance and melt quicker than other wax types. Due to their consistency and burning properties, certain waxes are better designed for creating pillars, votives, and taper candles.

How many times can you remelt wax melts?

Wax melts can be remelted multiple times. However, every time you remelt wax, the fragrance of the melts will slowly reduce until you are unable to smell the fragrance. At this point, you can either remelt and add fragrance oil or dispose of the wax.

Final Thoughts

Making candles from wax melts and cubes is a quick and easy way to start the candle-making process. However, if you want a more consistent and high-quality product, we recommend using virgin soy wax, beeswax, or other natural candle wax. You can make beautiful candles filling your home with fragrance and light with patience and practice.

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